Driving down production costs; maximising yields and profitability

At Unium Bioscience, it’s our mission to support growers to maximise crop production with innovative, sustainable and affordable solutions.

Unium Bioscience’s products put farmers first. Our revolutionary approach focuses on being proactive rather than reactionary with input application, enabling our customers to increase yields and save money from the outset.

A science-led approach generating measurable farm-based outputs

We’re proud to be science-led.

Our scientific and academic network links are world-class, confirming our place at the forefront of plant physiology research and development.

Unium Bioscience’s suite of pioneering technologies and treatments go through a rigorous product development process, including peer-reviewed research, crop proof of concept studies and strong field trials.

However, our real focus is ensuring that our science translates to high-value farm impacts: increased yields, lower input costs, and a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainable improvements for a challenging future

As agriculture continues to respond to environmental challenges and legislative pressures, farmers need to find new ways to produce more from less.

Unium Bioscience’s products utilise natural processes, bringing environmental benefits including reduced fertiliser use and aiding carbon capture.

Unium Technical Group

Join the Unium Technical Group: a progressive scientific forum where growers across the UK can explore and discuss high-quality technical information.

Stay up-to-date with topical research, learn more about new technologies as they’re developed and receive our latest trials results.

Seed Treatments

Seed Treatments

Our range of seed treatments are proven to enhance crop germination, establishment and development.

Created specifically with farmers’ needs in mind, they offer yield enhancing solutions with innovative formulation technology for ease of application.

Unium working with NASA


Our naturally-occurring biologicals from the University of Washington and developed with scientists at Intrinsyx Bio located at the NASA Ames Research Park.

They fix atmospheric nitrogen for all crops and aid sequestration of phosphorus and zinc from the soil.

Fertiliser Enhancements

Our patent pending blend of metabolites give granulated and liquid fertilisers a boost.

They work to maximise crop performance naturally, as well as helping to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus farmers need to apply.

Signalling Compounds

Signalling Compounds

Created alongside world-renowned plant physiologists and biochemists, our signalling compounds include unique patent pending technologies to improve plant growth and performance.

The result? Bespoke crop solutions at a competitive price.



Our biostimulants cultivate a wealth of crop improvements including enhancing overall quality, tuber and fruit set, fruit colour and flavour.

Keen to increase root and shoot biomass or reduce abiotic stress? Look no further.


Our novel formulations and nutrient blends offer farmers and commercial growers cost-effective solutions to correct or prevent deficiencies.

Unium’s exclusive range of nutrients help to support crop development, improve growth and drive yield increases.

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