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Enhance Your Barley Establishment


Winter Barley Winter barley is very source dependent and so it is vital to build biomass, tillers and ears. Phosphorus is critical for a successful establishment. Unium Biostimulants will give the best support through germination to tillering. TIROS takes our seed treatments to a new level allowing the plant [...]

Enhance Your Barley Establishment2020-07-13T20:00:18+01:00

Seed Choice


Seed choice is one of the most important decisions we have to take, not only the variety but the quality of the seed. Unium are continually seeking to improve the performance of the seeds we plant. By understanding what makes quality seed – the seed nutritional content along with the physiology of the [...]

Seed Choice2020-07-10T11:32:59+01:00

Endophytes – the next frontier


A new seed treatment that enables crops to fix atmospheric nitrogen will be available to UK growers from this autumn. This launch represents the first commercialisation of the endophyte technologies from the University of Washington globally. The story began along the banks of the Snoqualmie River in western Washington State, where two pioneer [...]

Endophytes – the next frontier2020-07-10T11:41:06+01:00

Oilseed Rape


Oilseed rape is not exempt from nutritional stresses during establishment and with a delicate and easily limited root structure, the consequences can be more important. Maximising growth at this early stage is critical. Ensuring optimal P supply leads to increased yield, oil content and higher stored phosphorus, enhancing seed quality. Reviewing the [...]

Oilseed Rape2020-07-03T16:50:06+01:00

Beneficial Microbes in Broad Acre Cropping; an increasingly necessary input which is now a realistic option


Beneficial Microbes in Broad Acre Cropping; an increasingly necessary input which is now a realistic option Over the last decade an explosion in microbial based product platforms for agriculture has occurred in the marketplace driven by a market that wants zero pesticides, little or no synthetic fertiliser and (no [...]

Beneficial Microbes in Broad Acre Cropping; an increasingly necessary input which is now a realistic option2020-06-29T14:29:25+01:00

Nutrition and Genetics


Nutrition and Genetics... Is there any reason why this shouldn't be the same in Crops? From my studies as a human nutritionist, we learned from Doctor Francis M Pottenger Jr, who was a doctor of human medicine, that the quality of the food we eat and its implications on the health of [...]

Nutrition and Genetics2020-06-26T12:30:12+01:00

Calcium – Magnesium Stress


Calcium - Magnesium Stress It’s an often overlooked nutrient, but calcium plays a very critical role within plants in terms of growth and nutrition. Calcium is not only a structural nutrient but also a regulatory one. The largest utilisation of calcium in plants is as a structural component of leaves where [...]

Calcium – Magnesium Stress2020-06-07T09:40:39+01:00

Maximising those sugars


OVERVIEW “Feed before you Weed” 2, 4 and 6 leaf stages are the critical timings for biostimulation and nutritional support. Calcium Phosphite (aCalsa / Calfite) at the 2-4 leaf stage T6P at the 4 & 6 leaf stage Kirol provides a programmed approach to ongoing stress reduction as a partner [...]

Maximising those sugars2020-06-01T09:13:15+01:00