Our range of biologicals focuses on endophytes: microrganisms, often bacteria or fungus , which live in symbiosis with a plant for at least part of its life-cycle.

We work with a specially-isolated strain of symbiotic endophyte identified by Professor Doty at the University of Washington which helps crops to fix atmospheric nitrogen and sequester phosphorus and zinc from the soil. These technologies are currently being tested in the International Space Station to understand how they could help with food production in space.

Results for crop growers include enhanced growth, improved nutrient acquisition and improved stress tolerance against drought, insects and pathogens.

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What are Endophytes?

Endophytes are microorganisms – often bacteria or fungus – which live in symbiosis with a plant for at least part of its lifecycle.

Naturally-occurring endophytes have been proven to offer numerous benefits to their host through enhancing growth, helping to acquire nutrients, and improving a plant’s ability to tolerate stresses such as drought, insects and pathogens.

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