Improve crop phosphorus use efficiency and deliver calcium through the leaf into the plant

£79/ha ww £71/ha osr
Return on investment
100% ww 75% osr
Chance of a return on investment
8% ww 11% osr
Average yield increase
(9 ww & 11 osr trials)

Phosphite (phosphonate) has been at the centre of our developments for the last 25 years. Collectively we have developed the best formulations, the safest and most efficacious products to deliver continual performance in a broad range of crops.

With CALFITE we have superseded previous products, outperforming the current market leader by  0.1 t/ha or 0.9%.

They are a true biostimulant delivering a multitude of effects depending upon dose, timing, programme and the crop used on.

  • Increased root and shoot development
  • Increased root exudation
  • Enhanced frost tolerance
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Enhanced secondary metabolism via the shikimic acid pathway to produce folate and amino acids
  • Improved flavours, colours and brix levels
  • Increased grain set and ultimate yield
  • Improved germination

  • Enhanced crop establishment

  • Increased root and shoot biomass

  • Improved overwintering

  • Increase tillering

  • Enhanced flowering – increased pod set

  • Increased grain set

  • Improved fruit flavours, brix , colour and shelf life

  • Improved yield of 8% from 10 trial comparisons in wheat, 11% from 12 trial comparisons in osr

  • Excellent ROI cereals 9 : 1, osr 7 : 1 with a 100% for cereals and a 75% for osr chance of greater than break even

  • A unique phosphite formulation designed to deliver phosphonate quickly as well as slow release to give a more metered delivery to the crop. This technology is unique within current phosphite products on the market

  • Liquid foliar suspension and powdered seed treatment

  • 5 litres

  • Calcium Phosphite solution and suspension

  • Fully tested to deliver the highest safety and performance levels

Phosphites have been rigorously tested and numerous modes of actions have been validated – from inducing a temporary phosphate stress to a crop to increase nutrient assimilation, to gene activation for increased root activity along with enhanced secondary metabolism (shikimic acid pathway) so deliver numerous biostimulant benefits.

Crop Dose Application Timing
Cereals 0.5 L / Ha GS12-14, GS30, GS37-39
Oilseed Rape 0.75 – 1.0 L / Ha GS 14-16, Onset Stem Extension, Green bud
Maize 1.0 L / Ha GS 12-18
Potatoes 2.0 L / Ha Tuber initiation, onset bulking, mid bulking
Pulses 2.0 L / Ha 2-3 node, onset of flowering
Sugar Beet 2.0 L / Ha 2-4 leaf stage, 4-6 leaf stage

For other crops please contact Unium Bioscience for application details.

Calfite Biostimulant


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  • The safest Phosphite formulation available

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient dose rate

  • The most tank mixable formulation available

  • Affordable to the grower

  • Reliable robust results