Kirol is a unique complex of bioactive amino acids and L-PGA (Pidolic Acid) a Nitrogen Use Efficiency metabolite. This formulation is 2 – 4x more concentrated in amono acids than leading competitors as well as including the L-PGA biostimulant. L-PGA upregulates the plants natural system to increase nitrogen uptake and importantly assimilation whilst the amino acids will minimise the impact of abiotic stress

Return on investment
Chance of a return on investment
Average yield increase
(4 trials)

Amino Acids are the basic building blocks used to form specific proteins in plants, from this they are essential in many components of plant physiology:

  • chlorophyll production
  • vitamin synthesis
  • stimulating flowering
  • fruit and seed set
  • increase fruit, grain quality – colour, flavour, brix etc
  • chelation and micronutrient transportation in the plant
  • stress reduction
  • cell wall stabilisation

Exogenous applications of L-amino acids (L being the active form) have been proven to support the plant in these functions. Making amino acids is an energy intensive process.  So, providing additional L-amino acids via the roots or leaf tissue ensures the plant has plenty of materials for building these important proteins.

This means more energy is available for growth and differentiation.  It is critical to apply the right amount as part of a programme as you cannot predict upcoming stress periods.  We are working hard to deliver this as part of a nutrient and stand-alone amino acid programme at an affordable price.

  • Improved stress tolerance

  • increase nitrogen uptake and assimilation

  • Increased root and shoot biomass

  • Maximised  yield

  • Increased yield response of 5% from 3 trial comparisons

  • Excellent return on investment of 7 : 1 with a 100% performance greater than break even

  • A unique high quality plant derived amino acid complex with 2-4x the concentration of other products available.  The quality of extraction is the key to a high grade formulation.  Also includes L-PGA for optimal nitrogen use efficiency

  • 100% solution containing only the fully utilisable L-a form of the amino acids

  • 10 L self stacking bottle with an application rate of 0.5Kg – 1.0 Kg/ha

  • Free Amino acid complex

  • Tested with replicated trials to ensure crop safety and on farm evaluation for full tank mixability

As amino acids are critical in many processes they have a multitude of mode of actions. Efficient crop production is all about preventing yield loss from the genetic potential and amino acids can mitigate against stress-during the growing season by saving the plants energy (required to make amino acids) to tolerate the stress and have reserves for when the stress reduces.  L-PGA (Pidolic Acid) supports the plants natural nitrogen uptake and assimilation process along with upregulating photosynthesis to sequester increased levels of carbon to bind with the nitrogen.

Crop Dose Application Timing
Cereals 0.5 – 1.0 L / Ha GS20-29, 30-32, 37-39, GS59
Oilseed Rape 0.5 – 1.0 L / Ha GS12-16, 30-35 (stem extension), green bud to yellow bud
Maize 1.0 L / Ha GS12-16
Potatoes 1.0 L / Ha tuber initiation and every 14 days to end of bulking
Pulses 0.5 L / Ha GS102 – GS 207
Sugar Beet 0.5 – 1.0 L / Ha GS12 up to GS 39

For other crops please contact Unium Bioscience for application details.

Protein Hydrolysis and D aminos
J.Csap∂o, Zs.Kiss-Csap∂o, Cs.Albert and K.L∂oki


  • Fully crop safe

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient dose rate

  • Fully tank mixable

  • Affordable to the grower

  • Reliable robust results

  • 100% liquid complex of bio available amino acids and L-PGA