KIROL Trace Elements

KIROL Trace Elements is a high analysis bio-available amino acid complex, delivering over 40% in the L-form of a mix of the 18 amino acids essential for optimal plant physiology.

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The KIROL Trace Element range combines this complex with specific trace elements creating the most bioactive form of the element for the plant.

KIROL Trace Elements include Manganese (10%), Magnesium (7%), Boron (8%), Copper (10%) and Zinc (10%) in combination with a full rate KIROL amino acid complex.

When the trace elements are complexed with amino acids they are protected against undesirable reactions with other chemicals in the environment before they are able to be absorbed into the plant.

This complexing offers many benefits :

  • Increased bio-availability – the amount and rate of uptake
  • Neutral charged complex increasing absorption through the leaf surface
  • Contain water soluble organic nitrogen which aids movement across the cell membrane
  • Once inside the plant they can be utilised locally or phloem transported to new leaves, flowers, fruit etc.
  • Rapid Utilisation within the plant metabolism
  • Stimulation of physiological processes
  • Increased abiotic stress tolerance – water, temperature, salinity, anaerobic soils, transplanting, pruning, flowering, fruit set and harvest
  • Optimal yield and quality

The KIROL based amino acids deliver the equivalent amino acid concentration as the market leader product.

  • Enhanced bioavailability of trace elements

  • Faster nutrient uptake = quicker deficiency correction

  • Enhanced uptake especially under difficult soil conditions e.g. calcareous soils, anaerobic soils etc

  • Maximum utilisation within the plant

  • Reduction of stress on the crop – abiotic stress factors along with pesticide applications

  • Increased grain set

  • Maximum yield and quality

  • Improved chelation compared to lignosulphonates, humates or fulvates

  • The Kirol based amino acids deliver the equivalent amino acid concentration as the market leader product giving excellent value for money

  • 100% soluble powder formulation

  • 10 Kg bag ( reduced waste disposal )

  • Amino acid complexed trace elements

This means more energy is available for growth and differentiation It is critical to apply the right amount as part of a programme as you cannot predict upcoming stress periods. We are working hard to deliver this as part of a nutrient and stand-alone amino acid programme at an affordable price.

  • A unique high-quality plant derived amino acid trace element complex designed to deliver the best level of nutrient uptake whilst reducing crop stress

  • 100% soluble powder containing 25% of only the fully utilisable L-a form of the amino acids with either 10% Mn, 7% Mg, 8% B, 10% Cu or 10 % Zn

  • 10 Kg bag with an application rate of 0.5Kg – 1.0 Kg/ha

  • Free Amino acid complex

  • Tested with replicated trials to ensure crop safety and on farm evaluation for full tank mixability

Both amino acids and trace elements have a multitude mode of action.

Efficient crop production is all about preventing yield loss from the genetic potential and amino acids can mitigate against stress-during the growing season by saving the plants energy (required to make amino acids) to tolerate the stress and have reserves for when the stress reduces alongside the required trace element removing the most nutrient limiting factor, increasing nutrient use efficiency.

Use as part of a nutrient programme or as advised in cases of deficiency.


  • Fully crop safe

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient dose rate

  • Fully tank mixable

  • Affordable to the grower

  • Reliable robust results

  • 100% soluble powder to reduce packaging and waste