This original Unium technology works as a unique crop enhancer, maximising the efficiency of chlorophyll production during periods of rapid growth or stress.

Return on investment
100% WW & OSR
Chance of a return on investment
7% WW 17% OSR
Average yield increase
(15 trials ww)
(4 trials osr)

Pentanoate is an organic compound containing a keto acid, a unique biological precursor in chlorophyll synthesis pathway. It is derived from the degradation of cellulose/plant material. Peer reviewable data demonstrates an influence on a range of biological processes:

  • Enhanced biomass
  • Increased chlorophyll production
  • Increased photosynthetic rate
  • Enhanced fruit quality
  • Reduced affects from stress – light, drought, heavy metal, salinity
  • Reduced biotic stress from herbicides
  • Increase root and shoot biomass

  • Enhanced establishment

  • Improved overwintering

  • Increased chlorphyll biosynthesis

  • Enhanced photosynthetic capacity

  • Maximises green leaf area

  • Reduces environmental stress impacts

  • Improved nutrient efficiency

  • Maximise yield potential and crop quality

  • Increase yield response of 7% for wheat 15 trial comparisons and 17% for oilseed rape from 4 trial comparisons and 4% for spring barley from 4 trial comparisons

  • Excellent return on investment 12 : 1 with an 100% performance greater than break even for wheat, 27 : 1 with an 100% performance greater than break even for oilseed rape and 3 : 1 with an 100% performance greater than break even for spring barley

  • A unique complex based around pentanoate to enhance photosynthetic capacity and rate to drive crop production to its maximum potential

  • Liquid foliar and seed treatment

  • 10 litres with an application rate of 1 l/ha

  • Photosynthetic Maximising Technology

  • Proven to be safe and effective in trials and on farm evaluations

Pentanoate reverses the suppression of the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway which is caused during stressful conditions – natural growth stress or additional biotic or abiotic stress. This increases chlorophyll production enhances the photosynthetic rate and gas exchange maximising crop growth and development.

Crop Dose Application Timing
Cereals 1.0 L / Ha GS 12-16, 30-32, 37-39 or 50-59
Oilseed rape 1.0 L / Ha GS 12-16, 30-35 (stem extension), green bud to first yellow bud
Maize 1.0 L / Ha GS 12-14, 16-18
Pulses Peas 1.0 L / Ha GS 32 (2nd node stage) & GS 51 (1st flower bud visible)
Pulses Beans 1.0 L / Ha GS 22 (2nd side shoot visible) & GS 52 (1st flower bud visible)

For other crops please contact Unium Bioscience for application details.



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  • Full crop safety

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient dose rate

  • Fully tank mixable

  • Affordable to the grower

  • Reliable robust results