Scyon’s unique complex supports plant health by boosting natural crop defences.

Chance of crop health improvement
Lower leaf infection

Scyon is a complex of metabolites designed to maximise nutrient health within the plant, by maximising nutrient efficiency – creating a stronger healthier plant.

It is an important role in fungicide support and anti-resistance, reducing stress and maximising yield.

Scyon is a true biostimulant with natural sugar-based surfactant properties maximising nutrient health by “biologically priming” the plant.

Priming is a process that that prepares the plant for a faster and/or stronger defence response without actually starting the defence response prior to the respective stress condition (Conrath 2011).

  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Enhanced secondary metabolism
  • Biologically primed plant to withstand stress
  • Increased grain set and ultimate yield
  • Increased root and shoot biomass

  • Enhanced nutrient uptake

  • Plant primed for stress

  • Increased grain set

  • A unique biostimulant formulation designed to maximise nutritional health in the crop. This technology is a proprietary complex

  • Liquid

  • 10 Litres

  • A biostimulant complex (three specialist signalling metabolites for enhanced nutrient health support). This creates a very robust and reliable technology

    Fully tested to deliver the highest safety and performance levels

By maximising nutrient bio-availability to the plant it is able to withstand stress better.  The nutritional health status of the crop is maximised.

Crop Dose Application Timing
Cereals 1.0 L / Ha GS30, GS 31-32, GS37-39
Oil Seed Rape 1.0 L / Ha Onset stem extension, green bud, mid flowering

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Authors: Dr N Grech, J Haywood

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Primed for Defence
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  • Fully crop safe

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient dose rate

  • Fully tank mixable

  • Affordable to the grower

  • Reliable robust results