Enhance your nitrogen use efficiency and carbon sequestration to optimise crop production.

Return on investment
Chance of a return on investment
Average yield increase
(15 trials)
The 2-Oxoglutaramate (2-OXO) technology stimulates the plant to increase both CO2 uptake as well as nitrogen and thereby elevate biomass and yield creating a similar crop effect to that of elevated atmospheric CO2 levels.
Sources of Nitrogen 2 Oxoglutaramate
The technology has many possibilities from increasing crop establishment, growth and development leading to increased yield and quality depending upon application, timing and dose but there are also other crop management benefits for example it can be deployed to reduce nitrates in salads and vegetables prior to harvest – a desirable trait for the fresh food industry.
  • Improved germination

  • Enhanced root and shoot mass

  • Increased leaf chlorophyll concentration

  • Enhanced crop stress tolerance especially moisture

  • Increased yield from enhanced nitrogen assimilation

  • Excellent return on investment 9:1 with an 100% performance greater than break even over 15 trials

  • A unique award winning, signalling molecule designed to increase nitrogen assimilation in plants and up-regulate photosynthesis

  • Liquid seed and foliar treatment

  • 10 Litres with an application rate of 1 l/ha

  • Nitrogen and carbon assimilation metabolite

  • Tested within replicated trials to demonstrate complete crop safety and tank mix ability

It is a natural plant metabolite which coordinates 2 of the key vital processes in plants:

  • Increasing carbon fixation by up-regulating photosynthesis and
  • Increasing nitrogen assimilation in plants by increasing uptake and concomitantly increasing N reduction rates and ultimately resulting in higher Amino acid pools which then go into downstream anabolism.
Crop Dose Application Timing
Cereals 1.0 L / Ha GS 30, GS 31-32 and GS 37-39
Oilseed rape 1.0 L / Ha GS 30, GS 31-32 and GS 37-39
Potatoes 1.0 L / Ha Tuber initiation, onset of bulking
Maize 1.0 L / Ha GS 12-16, 2-6 leaves
Peas 1.0 L / Ha GS 32 and GS 51
Beans 1.0 L / Ha GS 22 and GS 51
Sugar beet 1.0 L / Ha GS 12-39

For other crops please contact Unium Bioscience for application details.



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  • Full crop safety

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient dose rate

  • Fully tank mixable

  • Affordable to the grower

  • Reliable robust results