The latest nutrient, biostimulant, powdered seed treatment for use with potatoes. This product reduces stress by enhanced nutritional support maximising establishment and early season growth.

£334.90 @£150/t
Return on investment
Chance of a return on investment
Average yield increase
(56:1 ratio 7 trials)

With UNI-CAL ST we have created a unique calcium phosphite seed treatment for the potato market.  It’s a true combination of biostimulant with a very effective calcium nutrient.

  • Increased root mass
  • Increased root exudation for better nutrient use efficiency
  • Significant yield increase (up to 16%)
  • Increased bulking rates
  • Increase in tuber fresh weight/tuber size (up to 25%)
  • Increased root production

  • Increased root activation

  • Increased exudation

  • Increased nutrient use efficiency from the soil or fertiliser

  • Enhanced water management

  • Decreased drought stress effects due to increased root structure

  • Increased bulking rates

  • Increased yield

  • Increased marketable size

  • A unique phosphite formulation designed to deliver phosphonate quickly as well as slow release to give a more metered delivery to the crop. This technology is unique within current phosphite products on the market

  • Powdered seed treatment

  • 10 Kg

  • Calcium Phosphite powder

  • Fully tested to deliver the highest safety and performance levels

Phosphites have been rigorously tested and numerous modes of actions have been validated – from inducing a temporary phosphate stress to a crop to increase nutrient assimilation, to gene activation for increased root activity along with enhanced secondary metabolism (shikimic acid pathway) so deliver numerous biostimulant benefits.

1.0 kg of UNI-CAL ST per hectare.
Seed tubers should be free from soil deposits at treatment.
UNI-CAL ST is applied to seed tubers during the planting process.

Hopper Application
Measure the quantity of UNI-CAL ST required to treat a hopper load of seed tubers. One quarter fi ll the hopper with seed tubers, sprinkle over the tubers one quarter of the UNI-CAL ST, add a further quarter of the seed tubers and sprinkle a further quarter of the UNI-CAL ST dust over the tubers, and so on in layers until the hopper is completely filled with seed tubers.

On-planter Applicator:
UNI-CAL ST may be applied directly onto the tubers using powder metering units fi tted to the planter hopper.  Powder dispenser manufacturers should be consulted as to the Suitability of individual machines for use with UNI-CAL ST and the appropriate machine setting to ensure the correct application rate per hectare. This method of application reduces risk of operator exposure. These applicators may not be suitable for all automated planters.

Enhanced Numbers Seed/Salad or Shy Varieties

Timing Product Dose
At Planting Uni-Cal ST 1 kg/ha
3-4 Leaf Rosette Calfite 1 l/ha
Tuber Initiation Calfite 2 l/ha
Onset of Bulking Calfite 2 l/ha

Marketable Yield Normal Varieties

Timing Product Dose
At Planting Uni-Cal ST 1 kg/ha
Tuber Initiation Calfite 2 l/ha
Onset of Bulking Calfite 2 l/ha
Uni-cal Seed Treatment from Unium Bioscience Ltd


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  • The safest Phosphite formulation available

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient dose rate

  • The most tank mixable formulation available

  • Affordable to the grower

  • Reliable robust results