Voltek GT

A graphite-based seed treatment, aiding germination and crop establishment. Voltek GT is a unique nutrient biostimulant complex formulated with Graphite to enhance seed flow and which offers a host of benefits to crop development, tolerance and winter hardiness.

2-3 day quicker emergence
Critical in adverse drilling conditions
3x above ground biomass
Max biomass capturing sunlight to increase carbon exudation
+300% more nutrients in biomass of cover crop
More nutrients held in biomass to re-release, avoiding leaching and lockup

Unium have been at the forefront of biostimulant seed treatments for over 20 years, Voltek GT is our latest offering. It is a metabolite : graphite complex designed to maximise seed germination, establishment, growth and development in a wide range of crops – cereals, maize, pulses, oilseed rape , cover crops, vegetables for example.

Voltek GT supports the growth and development of the young seedling as it emerges and establishes by maximising nitrogen and carbon metabolism along with providing key nutrients.  Voltek GT is designed to:

  • Increase root and shoot biomass
  • Enhanced germination
  • Improved establishment
  • Increased overwintering tolerance
  • Increased stress tolerance

This will allow the crop to reach its maximum potential – we have to subsequently manage for that increased potential.

Our experience and expertise has created this new innovative solution for growers to maximise establishment for more specialist crops.

  • Maximises emergence

  • Uniform germination

  • Quicker establishment

  • Enhanced root and shoot biomass

  • Maximise nutrient efficiency

  • Provides essential nutrients

  • Optimal tiller initiation

  • Reduced risk to environmental stress

  • Maximise green leaf area

  • Optimise ear numbers, grains/ear & yield

  • A unique metabolite : nutrient complex to maximise the performance of the seed drilled by maximising establishment and development

  • Graphite based seed treatment for all crops

  • Nitrogen : carbon metabolism enhancing metabolite with nutrient complex

  • Consistent robust performance in trials and on farm evaluations

The metabolite complex coordinates nitrogen and carbon assimilation to set and maximise growth potential whilst the nutrient blend supports the supply of additional nutrients required for establishment.

Add the required amount of sachets per seed choice and bag size.

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  • Fully crop safe

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient dose rate

  • Fully tank mixable

  • Affordable to the grower

  • Reliable robust results