Unium Products

Unium Bioscience’s suite of pioneering technologies and treatments go through a rigorous product development process, including peer-reviewed research, crop proof of concept studies and strong field trials.

Our products utilise natural processes, bringing environmental benefits including reduced fertiliser use and aiding carbon capture.


Alo 3 T6P

Inspired by extensive research Unium and ACC created the first signalling complex based on T6P which is proven to manage carbohydrate metabolism and reduce abiotic stress.

T6P has a multi-site effect, but primarily is a signalling compound for sucrose availability which maximises the seed/grain filling process and therefore optimising yield.

Avana Ca


aCalsa is an immediate and slow-release formulation offering the most efficient, cost effective and safe phosphite biostimulant.

aCalsa not only improves crop phosphorus use efficiency, it also delivers calcium through the leaf into the plant.


Boost & Boost OSR

Created by the UK’s leading biostimulant seed treatment company, BOOST aids crop Germination and establishment.

Formulated with amino acids, this unique nutrient biostimulant complex aids faster and improved germination at lower temperatures as well as increased root/shoot biomass.

The seed treatment also improves drought tolerance, enhances winter hardiness and assists with optimal tiller production.



Available in immediate and slow-release formulations, Calfite represents the on the market.

Calfite not only improves crop phosphorus use efficiency, but also builds root and shoot biomass and maximises tiller production.



Our unique formulation utilises nitrogen-fixing rhizobium bacteria which colonise the root of the plant, causing nitrogen-fixing root nodules to grow.

Available in both liquid and powder form, EXSEED helps with pulse and cover crop establishment and early season establishment.

Inoculating with fresh rhizobium bacteria ensures high numbers of bacteria are available to benefit the plant, particularly under adverse conditions.



Kirol – a water-soluble powder comprises a unique complex of active amino acids in a formulation 2-4 times more concentrated than its competitors, meaning greater impact at lower cost.



This original Unium technology works as a unique crop enhancer, maximising the efficiency of chlorophyll production during periods of rapid growth or stress.

Essential for photosynthesis, high chlorophyll production is therefore essential for healthy yields – and profits.



Bringing environmental benefits and cost savings to growers, our unique fertiliser enhancement technology utilises a special signalling complex which has been proven to increase a plant’s nitrogen use efficiency by 10-15% and phosphorus by 25-40%.

Due to be available in 2021, NFINITY will be available as a coating for granules or as a product to add to liquid fertiliser.  Uni-P will be available the same year.



Peer-reviewed at Nottingham University, Scyon’s unique complex supports plant health by boosting natural crop defences.

Available in liquid formulation, this foliar treatment helps and supports anti-resistance strategies.


Tigga & Tigga OSR

TIGGA is a unique complex created by the UK’s leading biostimulant seed treatment company and optimises C:N metabolism.

Results include faster germination time, increased root/shoot biomass, improved germination at lower temperatures, improved drought tolerance, enhanced winter hardiness and optimised tiller production.



TIROS unique endophyte combination enables crops to fix nitrogen, sequester phosphorous, potassium and zinc and better withstand stress from drought.

The world’s first true endophyte commercial product, TIROS also improves plant germination, increases root growth and shoot biomass and makes crops more robust.

Tiros’ proven abilities also mean that crops require less artificial fertiliser: good news for the environment as well as a farmer’s bottom line.



Uni-Cal ST is the latest nutrient, biostimulant, powdered seed treatment for use with potatoes. This product reduces stress by enhanced nutritional support maximising establishment and early season growth.

Verda Technology

Verda Technology

Available as a foliar or seed treatment, Verda Technology’s award-winning combination is exclusive to Unium Bioscience.

The active ingredient increases two essential plant processes: carbon fixation and nitrate assimilation which when coordinated together maximise crop production.


Vyta & Vyta OSR

Containing naturally-occurring plant hormones known as cytokinins , VYTA is a nutrient biostimulant complex which aids germination and crop establishment.

Formulated to maximise root and shoot development, the unique complex increases seed germination, increases root and shoot biomass, improves germination at lower temperatures, and improves drought tolerance.

Other benefits include enhanced winter hardiness and optimal roller production.

Unium Technical Group

Join the Unium Technical Group: a progressive scientific forum where growers across the UK can explore and discuss high-quality technical information.

Stay up-to-date with topical research, learn more about new technologies as they’re developed and receive our latest trials results.