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Greening is believing


Targeted use of a chlorophyll-boosting biostimulant is helping growers to off-set yield loss incurred by disease. CPM explores how putting a crop’s needs first is achieving maximum impact.Consistent performance and a measurable return on investment – basics that all farmers deserve from their crop inputs. Making the most of every drop has never been [...]

Greening is believing2023-05-10T11:54:18+01:00

Biologicals boost health of Yorkshire potatoes


A Yorkshire farmer believes biologicals have played a key role in boosting the overall health of his potato crop. Richard Smith from Bamburgh Grange Farm near Doncaster has been applying calcium phosphite to his 320ha of potatoes for the past five years to help his crop cope with fluctuating weather pattens and periods of [...]

Biologicals boost health of Yorkshire potatoes2023-05-10T11:29:01+01:00

Harnessing the Power of Exudation


The rhizosphere, the zone of soil immediately around a plant root, is home to a complex system of interactions. The gateway from the plant root to the rest of the surrounding soil, a variety of compounds are exuded into the rhizosphere for a wide range of reasons.These exudates can provide an energy source to [...]

Harnessing the Power of Exudation2022-10-06T10:26:20+01:00

Nutrition and genetics: Farming for today and tomorrow


Keeping plants free from damage and healthy is always the aim. Yet with more volatile weather, less conventional crop protection products in our armoury and a welcome shift of focus to the health of our soils and the environment, it’s now more important than ever to understand the behaviours of the plant. Helping [...]

Nutrition and genetics: Farming for today and tomorrow2022-09-01T20:05:14+01:00
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