OSR Trials Round Up


Biostimulant seed treatments showing their value in oilseed rape. Tiros improving nutrient use efficiency Early Calcium Phosphite provides a boost to crop growth. Oilseed Rape We are following closely two varieties on a min-till site. The varieties are from LSPB – Black Pearl and Respect. Both appear to be [...]

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The Wonderful Support of Potassium


Potassium plays a key role in a crops defence mechanism to help it withstand pest or pathogen attack. Deficiency or transient deficiency in a season will make the crop more susceptible to pest attack and infections e.g. BYDV and foliar diseases Ensure crop sufficiency with a foliar application of Wholly K at 1.0 [...]

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Root Exudates


The Rhizosphere is a complex system of interactions between the plants roots, soil biology and the chemical/physical properties of the soil. Exudates produced by roots are made up of many components that can respond to the plants needs, with organic acids, carbohydrates and amino acids being the dominant ones. To maximise the biological [...]

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Understanding the Root Zone to get the best crop establishment and growth


The plants overall productivity depends upon a root system being able to support optimal growth during the maximum period of stress. RISK = probability of the event happening X the consequence of it happening. The main factors during the establishment phase which influence dry matter distribution between roots and shoots are light, nutrients [...]

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Enhance Your Barley Establishment


Winter Barley Winter barley is very source dependent and so it is vital to build biomass, tillers and ears. Phosphorus is critical for a successful establishment. Unium Biostimulants will give the best support through germination to tillering. TIROS takes our seed treatments to a new level allowing the plant [...]

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Seed Choice


Seed choice is one of the most important decisions we have to take, not only the variety but the quality of the seed. Unium are continually seeking to improve the performance of the seeds we plant. By understanding what makes quality seed – the seed nutritional content along with the physiology of the [...]

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